Cocktail Mixing Crash Course

Don’t Hire A Bartender ! – Make A Bartender !!!

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Network Increments offers Professional cocktail mixing crash course  to develop and improve bar staff and bar tending services.

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Hiring Problem (Professional Cocktail Mixing Crash Course)

The Problem

Hiring a professional bartender now a days in Bangkok is proving to become costly especially if you are a small or startup business. Due to the rising demand for professional bar tenders, bar tending services are offered at a much higher price. For businesses that can easily afford a going rate of at least 15,000 Baht per month salary for a professional bartender to work in their establishment, that would not be a problem. But that capability is not available to a lot of other small or startup businesses that wants to have quality bar staff in service and top quality drinks served in their venues. This is the primary reason why Network Increments developed this method of developing and improving your existing bar staff capability. With minimal financial cost, you can give additional value to your staff and maximum benefit for your establishment in the long term.

The Solution (Professional Cocktail Mixing Crash Course)

The Solution

Every business always strive to develop and improve the quality of their services. And the quality of service offered will always depend on the quality and capability of the staff offering it. Therefore, regularly training the staff to become better is always in the best interest of the business. And regular update training is far more cost effective than hiring new updated bar staff.

You already have the staff. All you need to do is improve them. So we say, “Don’t Hire A Bartender! – Make A Bartender!”

If you already have 3 bar staff, why spend 15,000 Baht every month to pay 1 bartender? Instead, you can invest only 3,000 Baht for a crash course training to teach your 3 bar staff to mix 3 – 5 cocktails professionally. If you complete 5 crash course training which amounts to 15,000 Baht, your establishment already have 3 quality bartenders that are capable of mixing 25 cocktails professionally instead of only 1 bartender that you have to pay a monthly salary of 15,000 Baht.


By doing our Professional Cocktail Mixing Crash Course, you will be adding value for your business by the following;

  1. You will gain 3 or more quality bar staff for only a fraction of the cost of hiring 1 professional bartender.
  2. Gain better reputation for your establishment where your staff don’t just earn a salary. They are also able to learn more knowledge about their trade in your establishment which is also beneficial to your staff.
  3. You will be able to upgrade and broaden your cocktail menu and cocktail quality to top hotel standards.

Training Duration

3 Hours Total Crash Course Training

  • 1 Hours Alcohol Introduction
  • 2 Hours Practical Application Training

Training Instructors

Our training instructors are active professional bartenders with 4 & 5 star hotel qualifications.

Trainees per Session

Our Crash Course is open to any number of staff participants from the establishment.

Training Schedules

Will be agreed and arranged accordingly with Establishment.


The establishment will have the option to provide a list of 3 – 5 cocktails they want the staff to learn.

  • 2 – Signature Cocktails
  • 3 – Standard Cocktails


  1. Alcohol and materials used for training shall be provided by the establishment.
  2. The establishment shall provide the venue.

Please use the contact information below for more details.