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The only professional piano tuner in Bangkok who utilizes the original and traditional method of tuning acoustic pianos using only one key note. Piano tuners using this method of tuning acoustic pianos are still considered as the best piano tuners up to these present days because of their versatility, capability and ability to tune your upright or grand piano to its optimal perfectness depending on the condition, quality and state of your piano.

As a piano tuning specialist in Bangkok having more than 30 years of experience in the trade, Professional Piano Tuner is undoubtedly your best choice when you want only the best piano tuner to do the maintenance, tuning and servicing of your Acoustic Upright or Grand Piano.

Achieving the best result in tuning your upright or grand piano depends upon a number of variable that needs to be taken into account by the piano tuner. The location of your piano, the environment where your piano is situated, and the acoustics of the place where your piano will be tuned and played are some of these variables.

A professional piano tuner who uses the traditional one key method will always be your best choice when your piano needs tuning because they are depending more on their hearing judgment, fine tuned listening skills and their ability to adapt your piano tuning to the environment it is situated in order to obtain the best tuning result for your piano.

This method of piano tuning depends a lot on the piano tuner’s skill in using their fine tuned ears, years of experience and talent to obtain the best tuning for your piano. Whereas piano tuners who uses digital piano tuning meters mostly depend on the visual imagery that the digital piano tuning meters are providing. There is simply no substitute for human judgement when it comes to tuning pianos.

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