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Pro Piano Tuner

Professional Piano Tuner & Specialist in Bangkok

The only professional piano tuner in Bangkok who utilizes the traditional method of tuning pianos using only one key note. Piano tuners using this method of tuning pianos are still considered as the best piano tuners because of their versatility. The ability to tune pianos to its optimal perfectness depending on the condition of your piano makes them unique.

Professional Piano Tuner has more than 30 years of experience in the trade of piano servicing. Undoubtedly your best choice when you want only the best to maintain and tune of your Acoustic Pianos.

Why Professional Piano Tuner?

Achieving the best piano tuning result greatly depends upon a number of variables. It needs to be taken into account by the piano tuner while tuning your piano. The location, environment and acoustics where your piano is situated, are some of these variables. It is in these area where the listening skills of the piano tuner becomes especially relevant. It needs the human element to distinguish these variables on site. Hence, the limitations of the digital piano tuning meter.

While digital tuner users mostly depend on the visual imagery of the digital piano tuner, a professional piano tuners who uses the traditional one key method depends more on their hearing judgment and listening skills. Because of these unique skill set, they have ability to adapt your piano tuning to the environment it is situated in order to obtain the best tuning result for your piano.


A Good Piano Tuner

A piano can last more than a life time if maintained and serviced properly by professional piano tuners. Furthermore, a piano does not come cheap. Therefore, choosing a qualified and professional piano tuner is vital. Having an unqualified individual tune your piano because they offer cheaper services might do more harm than good to your piano in the long term.

Some people think tuning a piano is just like tuning a guitar. Only a piano has more strings. That is not true! And there is more technique involved in piano tuning than just twisting the tuning pins with the tuning hammer. Seasoned and qualified piano tuners are specially careful when it comes to tuning hammer manipulation techniques. Because wrong tuning hammer manipulation techniques can seriously damage your piano’s ability to hold a tune.

Piano owners complain that they have to have their piano tuned almost every month because it out of tune again. And that their piano is still in good condition. In cases like this, it is probably caused my an unqualified piano tuner or technician.

Please always remember that prevention of damage is more cost effective than repair. That is why choosing the right professional piano tuner for its ability and quality service is always preferable and more trustworthy. Rather than choosing the cheaper option.

In conclusion, there is simply no substitute for the human touch for your piano’s health.

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