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Rock Station Lenna

For Online Music Station, tune in to Rock Station Lenna and  hear your favorite tunes. Rock Station Lenna also accepts song requests and suggestions for your online listening pleasure.

The station now has close to 3 million Twitter mention reach and 35,000 profile visits every month. So come and tune in to the Rock Station Lenna.

A letter from Lenna, quoted from her official website

“Hi all, my name is Lenna Leprena. Please the official website for Rock Station Lenna at The primary function of the site is to inform my followers about the operation of the station. I will also place rock music memorabilia and images of my favorite areas of the world on this site. It is also my fund raising site.

I require funding to keep the station operational. My power bill alone is $600+ per quarter. I just raised $2,000 via a crowdfund campaign for a new PC but will also need a new laptop before long as to save power in the winter I run the station from my bed from quite early until beyond midnight. If the current govt destroys the disability pension I will also need to raise enough funding through sponsors to survive. I would like to set a target of about $25,000 per annum to cover everything. I was hoping I could reach that amount via $5 donations off 5,000 or so sponsors per year.

I work 14 hours a day 7 days a week running the rock station and delivering the progressive message, so sponsors are getting a lot for their money! I will also play requests for sponsors within reason. Corporate, business sponsorships are also welcome. I can place corporate advertising on my Twitter stream background where it will be visible to approximately 3 million people per month.

I started Rock Station Lenna in November 2015 as a hobby to keep myself occupied. I had a bad fall from aircraft stairs when working as a flight attendant 14 years ago and have been a disability pensioner ever since. I went to uni for 4 years during that time and gained an Arts Degree. No employer wanted anything to do with me despite that education however, mainly due to the high risk of liability should my injuries recur. The education experience did however give me a far greater political interest than I’ve ever had before, hence my strong progressive stance on Twitter.

My brother set up a Twitter account for me in 2013 using the alias Lenna Leprena after I had a bad time with FBook using my real name and image. Lenna & Leprena were two trading vessels that worked out of Hobart in the old days, beautiful ketches. They were named after Aboriginal words for Home…spiritual and physical. He used images of a Thai actress model by the name of Araya Hargate as my avi. Araya and I look very similar. I decided to continue to use her images as there are so many online and no-one could possibly pirate them for mis-use. I occasionally use my own image but we are so alike very few realise when I do! Lenna Leprena is my accepted name by all and sundry on Twitter and Facebook now too.

I initially just used the Twitter stream as a political soap box. Then I started using my brother’s Youtube selection to post songs on my Twitter stream.
Eventually it occurred to me that I could do that full time and run a radio station of sorts, to keep followers entertained beyond the politics and imagery that I post. My brother had 500 or so songs on his Youtube site, so I decided to go thru all the old online hit lists for the 60s 70s and 80s that I could find to build it up more. I now have over 3,000 hits on my playlists altogether.

I also get songs from Rolling Stone Facebook page, suggestions from followers, suggestions from YouTube and from other places around the web. I also add songs from outside that era if I like them well enough. I want to stick to that era mainly tho as that appears to be my audience preference. The station, which is just my twitter stream, now has close to 3 million mention reach and 35,000 profile visits every month.

Sponsors would be visible to all those people. I will also include a sponsor page on this site of all those who donate. You can donate anonymously tho if you prefer. Just make a note saying you don’t want details made public when you donate.”