Latin Band in Bangkok

Want to listen to a Latin Band in Bangkok? SABOR ASI offers one of the best Latin beats wherever they perform in Bangkok. A dynamic ensemble of Filipino & Thai musicians passionate about traditional and contemporary Latin music. Coming from different musical backgrounds, SABOR ASI plays a wide variety of musical genre. Aside from the passion for Latin music, the group can also play other styles of music from Jazz to Pop and has a unique sound and musical style that would make your feet move the groove.

SABOR ASI is the brainchild of Billy Alcordo. Who spent almost 8 years of his music career playing Traditional Latin Music with a Cuban Band from Havana, Cuba.

Latin beats has always been popular in Bangkok, but a Latin band is not very easy to come by. So with the desire to share his knowledge in Traditional and Contemporary Latin Music to other musicians that has the same passion for Latin Music and would want to learn how to play in a Latin band, he decided to talk to his closest musician friends from the Philippines and Thailand about the idea of putting up a band that is all Asian musicians but playing Latin Music.

Then SABOR ASI was born.

SABOR ASI Member Musicians

Doing covers of popular songs has always been accepted as a normal custom in the world of gig musicians. But SABOR ASI has something else in mind. The band will be also doing covers aside from their originals, but in a unique Latin Beat version. That is when the slogan “The New Retro” was conceived.

Giving the audience a taste of a new and different musical flavor to old and new popular songs is the main objective of SABOR ASI.

A side from music, there are also other things that Sabor Asi is very passionate about. One of those is doing charity performances for the benefit of those who are less fortunate. Orphanages and schools for the underprivileged that does not have enough supplies are just some, to mention a few. Sabor Asi is always keeping open doors for charity and benefit performances.

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