DAWband Productions

Backing Tracks and Mp3 Karaoke

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) produced custom backing tracks and mp3 karaoke. Raw mastering techniques are used by DAWband Productions to give the backing tracks and mp3 karaoke the best live sound and feel. All DAWband backing tracks and mp3 karaoke are mixed with relative and balanced sound volumes to minimize volume differences during live gigs or karaoke sessions.

Custom Backing Tracks

Custom backing tracks with custom keys and features can also be arranged upon request. To request a custom backing track to be made, please send us an email at dawband@networkinc.net or contact us through our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DAWbandProductions and we will contact you in the earliest possible time to respond to your inquiries.

Lyrics and Chord Guides

Featured with built-in embedded lyrics or chord guides, DAWband backing tracks and mp3 karaoke can be played on any Smart Phone or Tablet. An audio player app that can display embedded lyrics is necessary to enjoy the full features of DAWband.

For Android Smart Phones and Tablets, audio player apps can be downloaded for Free from Google Play Store. Any audio player that can display embedded lyrics can be used to play DAWband backing tracks and mp3 karaoke.

Lyrics Player App

To avail the full features, DAWband Productions recommend “Medoly” – Media Player for Lyrics. You can download “Medoly – Media Player for Lyrics” for free at Google Play Store.

Online Karaoke

DAWband Karaoke Custom Backing Tracks

Log-in to your DAWband account or Sign up for subscriptions to enjoy DAWband Online Karaoke and get discounts when purchasing backing tracks from our DAWband Backing Tracks & Mp3 Karaoke Online Shop.

DAWband Online Karaoke is regularly updated with new songs free of charge for subscribers.

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