Body Guard Condoms

Body Guard Condoms

Our distribution company, The Bangkok Health and Happiness Co., Ltd., was established in 1999 in order to provide a larger sized condom product as an alternative to what was then available in Thailand. We are a family owned and operated business and the owners of the registered brand name, BODY GUARD CONDOMS.

Over the past 10 years we have expanded our product line beyond our original large size Body Guard 54 to include regular size Body Guard 52 in a variety of styles and our latest product, Body Guard 56, with a flared tip to provide the user with a maximum of comfort. This condom product is the largest available in Thailand and can be worn by size 54 customers as the width of the shaft is 54 mm widening out to a flared tip of 56 mm for the most comfortable condom experience available anywhere in the world.

–> BBC News Article – “Men need better-fitting condoms”

Part of our original idea was to sell single packs of our larger size condom product in conveniently located vending machines, which can be found in many of the local entertainment centers and hotels throughout the tourist areas of Thailand. We are now offering TWO PACKS of Body Guard 54 large size condoms in these machines for twenty Baht each. Please insert two 10 Baht coins only.

Body Guard Condoms are tested by the Thai FDA for quality assurance by means of a battery of electronic tests including burst tests, aging tests, tensile tests, and seal integrity tests. Each Body Guard Condom is made with a thin yet durable .05 – .08 mm thickness of latex. All Body Guard Condoms are packaged with 20% more lubricant than the industry standard. They meet the highest international standards and have been approved by the American FDA and the European CE Mark for sale and distribution in those countries, and as an effective means of birth control and for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

We are dedicated to providing a variety of high quality condom products at reasonable prices to our customers. Thank you for your continued support and please remember to ask for Body Guard Condoms by name.



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