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Giggers Den is an online artists directory. We are based in Bangkok, Thailand. Also founded by an artist for the artists. It is specially dedicated for artists, musicians and performers. We not only accept music artists and performers from Bangkok, Thailand but from all over the world to join our online artist directory. Everybody in the world of music and entertainment can now post their professional profiles online with Giggers Den. Artists, musicians and performers now have the chance to be contacted directly by venues and potential employers. Therefore making negotiations faster, direct and precise. Furthermore, Giggers Den also gives potential employers a place to search for the artist that they want to hire.

Giggers Den is not a platform for artists, musicians and performers to specifically look for jobs and contracts. It is a platform where artists, musicians and performers can post and advertise their professional profiles online. Furthermore, music venues or potential employers can come and find the artists, musicians or performers that would fit their requirements.

What We Provide?

Giggers Den not only provides venues and potential employers a place to search for artists. It also provides an up to date information about every artist, musician and performer listed in Giggers Den. Giggers Den encourages the members to keep their profiles up to date as part of the Rules & Regulations of being a member of Giggers Den. Therefore ensuring that people that comes to visit Giggers Den is getting fresh and updated profiles. Furthermore, it allows direct connections between employers and artists. Contact information such as email address and telephone number can be readily obtained from the artist’s profile post. Other necessary information can be obrained in the profile such as current location, demo video link and much more. That is to help potential employers will get a much better vision of the profile they are interested in.

Music venues such as hotels, restaurants, events or any other functions that requires artists and performers need not to worry anymore. Even if they don’t know anybody who knows where and how to contact artists and performers. All they need to do is visit Giggers Den and surely they will find the right artists and performers for their event or function.

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Members can also subscribe to be posted in our ads sections. Two featured ads sections are available. There “Header Slider Ads” and the “Featured Ads” section. The “Header Slider Ads” section is located at the top of the website. While the “Featured Ads” section is located in the middle of the website. These featured sections gives the subscribed members opportunity to be seen first when someone visits Giggers Den.

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